Just Wafflin’ – Stillwater’s Little Waffle Shop

At Just Wafflin’, we proudly make all of our waffles and whatnots to order. Each item on our menu, from gourmet waffles, coffee, and tasty sandwiches, to salads and some other delicious treats, are prepared with the same tender care that has graced our family’s kitchen for generations. Every meal, every cup of coffee, every visit….we strive to make it as good as long ago visits to your Mamaw’s house. We take pride in serving our food with a smile….and truly value being one of Stillwater’s favorite home-grown, locally owned restaurants.

Come see us at 211 E McElroy Rd, Stillwater, call us at 405-332-5548, or visit our website, or on Facebook. Hope to see ya soon.

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